Monday, August 11, 2014


So, I know I haven't posted in forever and a day, but I wanted to write some fun things down somewhere.

Yes, we have a new little baby in our home!
Jaylee Rae Rowley is now one month old. She is pretty much the cutest thing ever. She likes to have her hands by her face, and likes to be held. She's definitely a fan of being outside! But the poor thing has really struggled feeling well in her stomach, so much of her awake time is struggling not to throw up. But she is ALWAYS moving and very alert and strong--lifting her head up from the very beginning. When she's feeling ok, she gives the cutest smiles. We love her to pieces!
My mom and two sisters have come to stay at my house at various times to help me with the whole adjustment to two kids. It has been a HUGE help. But one of the great perks of having a photographer of kids for a sister is that I get great newborn shots :)

Tyson is getting used to the big brother idea. He likes to hold her hand, push her swing, and reassure her whenever he feels she might need it. A total boy, he also wants to try experiments on her, often asking me things like "Can I poke her eye with this hanger?" or "I want to jump over her", etc. This picture makes me smile. Whenever we do tummy with the little one, I put him in front of her because she seems to want to look up at him more than me :) He cheers her on, yelling "Good job Jaylee!" or "Use your arms!"
Here's our fun day at the splash park with Daddy
And the reptile man came at the library!


Lately he is talking like crazy. Here are some of the funny things he is saying:

To his crying sister, "Just a minute Jaylee, I'm trying to make you happy!"

During harvest I told him to make sure and give Daddy or Grandpa a kiss when we visited for lunch because they are under a lot of stress. He answered "Yeah, everybody needs a kiss sometimes."

His favorite treat is Popsicles. I can't blame him for being addicted because I am too. But he calls them Kosiples. And if he asks me and I say no, he asks nice and slow "Ko-si-ple!"

He likes jumping off everything lately. When he's trying a new jump he asks, "Wanna see something scary?"

He likes to make up songs, mostly with nonsense words. But he will ask "How bout a ___ song" (insert word of something he can see around the room). Then he will sing lots of crazy things and insert that word periodically, and his song always ends on a loud high note with his face straining to make it emphatic. Cracks me up every time.

We have pretty fun kids, I think. If only we could get some sleep though!


  1. I love his cheering for her tummy time! What a cutie!!

  2. Oh I love this ALL! Can't wait to see him in action and to hold little Jaylee! :)